Ratboys: The Window [Album Review]

RatboysThe WindowTopshelf Records [2023] If you’ve yet to come to the realization that band names don’t always offer a helpful or accurate sense of the artist’s music, Ratboys is a case in point. First of all they have a female singer, and the primary musical motifs on their fourth studio full-length of original material, The … Read more

Parannoul: After The Magic [Album Review]

ParannoulAfter The MagicTopshelf Records [2023] After The Magic is the third studio album by South Korean shoegaze musician Parannoul. The album is a more mature and refined album than Parannoul’s previous work and easily their biggest and most rocked out record to date. The sound is still dreamy and atmospheric, but there is a greater … Read more

Sobs – “Air Guitar” [Video]

Dedicated to the power of pop music, Sobs are Singapore’s premier indiepop propagandists. After releasing a breakout bedroom pop EP Catflap and a dream-jangle LP Telltale Signs that brought international embrace, Sobs now assemble a front-to-back indiepop behemoth – Air Guitar – after a much anticipated three-year wait. A thirty-minute trip for the post-Internet consumer, … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

It is new music time and AOW this week brings some spirited post punk from Massachusetts’ Landowner, the perfect music for this weekend with the spooky punk from Dayton, Ohio’s Houseghost and finally the grinding indie emo rock from Montréal’s Gulfer. Nothing has changed here – support these artists if you like what you hear! … Read more

Queen Moo: Mean Well [Album Review]

Queen Moo Mean Well Topshelf Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Mean Well is one of the biggest, baddest rock ‘n’ roll records so far this year. Album Review: Clocking in at just under thirty minutes, Mean Well, the second full-length release from Connecticut band Queen Moo, reinvents rock ‘n’ roll in ways you didn’t know … Read more

Heat: Overnight [Album Review]

Heat Overnight Topshelf Records [2017] Fire Note Says: 80’s sounding Montreal band, Heat produce a winning combination. Album Review: Montreal band Heat, describes itself as “post-punk” on its Facebook page and lists Sonic Youth and Oasis as influences, while those writing about the band compare them generously to Echo & the Bunnymen, The Jesus & … Read more

Enemies: Valuables [Album Review]

Enemies Valuables Topshelf Records [2016] Fire Note Says: Enemies go out on a high note. Album Review: The moment you fire up Enemies’ third album Valuables, you’re greeted with a jammy, proggy, sound. The Irish band, who announced their breakup after the release of this album, does an incredible job at creating ambience. Subdued vocals … Read more

You Blew It!: You Blue It [Album Review]

You Blew It! You Blue It Topshelf Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Who doesn’t like a little Blue Album era Weezer! Album Review: When a record is a big part of your youth and influence on your band there is no better way to pay homage than a cover tribute EP. That is exactly the … Read more

Braid: No Coast [Album Review]

Braid No Coast Topshelf Records [2014] Fire Note Says: After 16 years, Braid find their way back into your stereo. Album Review: So what were you doing back in 1998? Maybe spinning math rock and emo veterans Braid’s last record Frame & Canvas? Well, that was the last time the Urbana, Illinois band released a … Read more