Three Merry Widows: Which Dreamed It? (30th Anniversary Reissue)

Three Merry WidowsWhich Dreamed It? (30th Anniversary Reissue)Self-Released [2021] At the risk of dating myself, Three Merry Widows was one of the St. Louis bands in that city’s burgeoning original, live music scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s that led to numerous local acts getting major label contrasts. No doubt, the rise of … Read more

Three Merry Widows: I Was The Moon [Album Review]

Three Merry Widows I Was The Moon Self-Released [2019] Fire Note Says: St. Louis folk rock band, Three Merry Widows reunites after 28 years to produce their sophomore album, a collection of mature folk rock songs that will leave you wanting more. Album Review: Once upon a time, the early 90’s to be exact, in … Read more