The Notwist: Close To The Glass [Album Review]

The Notwist Close To The Glass Sub Pop Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Close To The Glass is a warm shot of humanity in an icy digital landscape. Album Review: The Notwist falls under my “Hey what the hell ever happened to those guys, I liked that one album” umbrella. For The Notwist, that one … Read more

The Notwist ‘Close To The Glass’ Sub Pop Loser Edition

The Notwist’s next record, Close To The Glass, will be out February 25, 2014 on Sub Pop Records. It will be getting the Loser Edition treatment that also will include a set of small, limited-edition art prints. The vinyl will be on limited Loser Edition colored-vinyl; and in this case a 2xLP, one orange and … Read more