Chris Stamey: The Great Escape [Album Review]

Chris StameyThe Great EscapeCar/Schoolkids Records [2023] If your cultural antenna are tuned toward the rise of alternative music in the southeast late 70’s & early 80’s, from places like Athens, GA and Chapel Hill, NC, then no doubt the name Chris Stamey may register in your memory even if you can’t quite place the what … Read more

The Salt Collective: Life [Album Review]

The Salt Collective LifePropeller Sound Recordings [2023] It would be easy on an album featuring a so-called “supergroup” collaboration, with so many established indie/rock artists listed as participants, to lose track of the original songwriters and the actual songs themselves. So to begin at the beginning, Salt is a Paris-based trio that includes primary songwriter … Read more

The Salt Collective – “Asylum (featuring Matthew Caws & Juliana Hatfield)” [Video]

SALT is a Paris-based collaborative music project led by French guitarist and songwriter Stéphane Schück around a core group formed in the 80s with Benoit Lautridou (drums) and Fred Quentin (bass), SALT offers shivering songs based on transcendently melodic guitars and vocals. The Salt Collective released the power pop supergroup’s beautiful mystery LIFE on May … Read more