The Budos Band: Frontier’s Edge [Album Review]

The Budos BandFrontier’s EdgeDiamond West Records [2023] The Budos Band, known for their unique instrumental blend of Afrobeat, funk, soul, and psychedelic rock, has once again delivered a powerful and mesmerizing release with their new mini-album, Frontier’s Edge. The band enters a new era after a two-decade run with the legendary Daptone Records. Frontier’s Edge … Read more

Fire Track: The Budos Band – “Frontier’s Edge”

Frontier’s Edge is the new EP by the fiery, energetic and genre-defying group The Budos Band. After a two-decade run with the legendary Daptone Records, Frontier’s Edge is the first new music from the group on the new label, Diamond West Records — run by The Budos’ saxophonist Jared Tankel and guitarist Tom Brenneck. The … Read more

The Budos Band: Long In The Tooth [Album Review]

The Budos BandLong In The ToothDaptone Records [2020] Celebrating 15 years from the release of their debut album, The Budos Band return with their 6th long player, Long In The Tooth. It is an album that changes gears from their harder edge they showed the last couple albums but especially as they raged out on … Read more

The Budos Band: V [Album Review]

The Budos Band V Daptone Records [2019] Who: 60’s/70’s influenced afro-soul legends, The Budos Band have released their fifth full length album with V. Sound: Instrumental horn driven rock that has evolved since their Afro-soul beginnings that has a Here Lies Man vibe along with Antibalas, Ikebe Shakedown and Cochemea. TFN Final Take: The Budos … Read more