Swearing At Motorists: While Laughing The Joker Tells The Truth [Album Review]

Swearing At Motorists While Laughing The Joker Tells The Truth A Recordings LTD [2014] Fire Note Says: A welcomed return for Swearing at Motorists. Album Review: If you know your Dayton, Ohio indie folklore then Swearing at Motorists should already be in your memory bank. The band has family tree history with fellow Daytonians Guided … Read more

Swearing At Motorists return with new album through Kickstarter

7 years, 3 studios, and 2 engineers later, Swearing At Motorists are back with the album While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth. It was produced by band founder and frontman Dave Doughman & Rick McPhail (Tocotronic/Glacier of Maine) at the Upper Room in Hamburg over 4 weeks. This is Swearing At Motorists’ first new … Read more