Hooper Crescent: Essential Tremors [Album Review]

Hooper CrescentEssential TremorsSpoilsport Records [2024]   Album Overview: Essential Tremors is the sophomore album from Brunswick, Australia’s Hooper Crescent. It marks a significant progression from their debut, Object Permanence (2020), and showcases their melodic, off-kilter sound through 11 tracks of sonic experimentation and playful songwriting. The album comes off fresh from their polished studio environment … Read more

Delivery: Forever Giving Handshakes [Album Review]

DeliveryForever Giving HandshakesFeel It/Spoilsport/Anti Fade Records [2022] The intense pulsating rhythm in Delivery’s opening track, “Picture This,” will give you your first realization that their debut record, Forever Giving Handshakes, will be one of the tightest sounding post-punk debuts you have heard this year. The Melbourne five-piece work as one true musical force through all … Read more

SUPER-X: SUPER-X [Album Review]

SUPER-XSUPER-XPolaks/Spoilsport Records [2020] Melbourne’s SUPER-X is propelled by brothers Harrison and George Ottaway on muscle flexed guitars while being glued together by Kaelan Emond’s roaring drums. Their self-titled debut has been in the works for 5 years but the fantastic wall of fuzzy post-punk war they wage here was 110% worth the wait. The best … Read more