Josh Caterer: The SPACE Sessions [Album Review]

Josh CatererThe SPACE SessionsPravda Records [2021] While some artists have used the shutdown of normal life due to the pandemic to hibernate in their studios and record new music, former Smoking Popes songwriter and frontman Josh Caterer has now delivered his second “live” concert album, serving up some tasty covers along with choice songs from … Read more

Josh Caterer: The Hideout Sessions [Album Review]

Josh Caterer The Hideout SessionsPravda Records [2021] Back in October, Smoking Popes’ vocalist and main songwriter Josh Caterer put together a new band, with John San Juan (of the Hushdrops) and John Perrin (drummer with NRBQ), and played a live show in the empty venue of The Hideout in Chicago, sending their music out over … Read more

Smoking Popes: Into The Agony [Album Review]

Smoking Popes Into The Agony Asian Man Records [2018] Fire Note Says: Chicago punk/pop Smoking Popes return with original line-up, and nod their heads as much to Judy Garland as they do to Jesus. Album Review: One of the albums that got lost in the shuffle of new releases late in the fall that’s worthy … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Smoking Popes – “Amanda My Love”

1994 was a great year for indie rock and Smoking Popes were right there with their sophomore album Born To Quit. Well, the Smoking Popes are back with a new record which features the original four members – Josh Caterer, Eli Caterer, Matt Caterer, and Mike Felumlee – which is the first since the 1998 … Read more

Smoking Popes: Born To Quit [Album Review]

Smoking Popes Born To Quit [Reissue] SideOneDummy Records [2012] Fire Note Says:  One of the more underrated albums from the 90’s alternative nation gets a facelift. Album Review:  If you pinned me down and made me list several albums from the 90’s that I still go back to on occasion I guarantee that the Smoking … Read more