Joseph Airport: Stronger And Better [Album Review]

Joseph Airport Stronger and Better Rockathon Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Joseph Airport’s quirky psychedelic miniatures grow on you with repeated listens. Album Review: If you’ve lived in Dayton, OH more than a couple of years, you’ll immediately recognize the origins of Joseph Airport’s odd moniker as the name of a certain car dealership north … Read more

Half Japanese: Overjoyed [Album Review]

Half Japanese Overjoyed Joyful Noise Recordings [2014] Fire Note Says: After a 13 year break, the cult legends return just as good and weird as they ever were! Album Review: Jad and David Fair, better known as Half Japanese are an acquired taste. In fact, their Greatest Hits collection holds the distinction of being the … Read more

Teenage Guitar: More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush [Album Review]

Teenage Guitar More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush Guided By Voices Inc. [2014] Fire Note Says: Robert Pollard refines the Teenage Guitar formula, bringing stronger songs and adding a plethora of instruments. Album Review: The debut Teenage Guitar record, 2013’s Force Fields at Home, saw GBV frontman Robert Pollard getting back to his roots. Recorded … Read more

Los Angeles Police Department: Los Angeles Police Department [Album Review]

Los Angeles Police Department Los Angeles Police Department Forged Artifacts [2014] Fire Note Says: LAPD’s self-titled debut is a concentrated dose of swirling, fuzzy psych-pop. Album Review: Los Angeles Police Department aren’t from California, nor are they a law enforcement agency—and neither is LAPD a “they.” Instead, it’s the name Ryan Pollie (who’s from Philadelphia, … Read more