Chris Cornell: Euphoria Mourning [Album Review]

Chris Cornell Euphoria Mourning Universal Music Enterprises [2015] Fire Note Says: Title change, remaster and vinyl edition is all new on this reissue. Album Review: Sometimes you get an opportunity to revisit a record that you had completely forgot about. Soundgarden’s frontman Chris Cornell’s first solo album is one of those albums. First released in … Read more

Slow And Steady: In Time We Belong [Album Review]

Slow And Steady In Time We Belong Broken Circles [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: In Time We Belong is a conflicted record in many ways—from the way its arrangements feel like they’re being stretched to encompass both modern-day guitar rock and early 2000s emo clichés, to the contrast between lyrical abstractions and generalized platitudes like … Read more

The Good Life: Everybody’s Coming Down [Album Review]

The Good Life Everybody’s Coming Down Saddle Creek Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: When you talk about Tim Kasher’s work in the indie scene you will always discuss his tormented soul that impacts all of his projects that include his primary band Cursive, his solo work and his other major outlet – The Good … Read more

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control: Remember Me John Lydon Forever [Album Review]

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Remember Me John Lydon Forever Fleeting Youth Records [2015] Fire Note Says: DTCC bring another flavor to the indie rock scene. Album Review: At some point, did you ever listen to a Pavement track and just think – what the hell were these guys thinking? It was a band that shouldn’t … Read more