Taking Back Sunday: Happiness Is [Album Review]

Taking Back Sunday Happiness Is Hopeless Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Taking Back Sunday’s sixth album is highly listenable. Album Review: Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands that keeps churning out albums with little fanfare but with a polished, professional sound. Happiness Is is the New York band’s sixth studio album and seemingly … Read more

Motorpsycho: Behind The Sun [Album Review]

Motorpsycho Behind The Sun Rune Grammofon [2014] Fire Note Says: Built to lofty heights, Behind The Sun might collapse under its own weight—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Album Review: What do you think of when I say Motorpsycho? An opener for Five Finger Death Punch? A character from the new Mad Max film? … Read more

The Strypes: Snapshot [Album Review]

The Strypes Snapshot Virgin EMI Records [2014] Fire Note Says: The Strypes show that age means nothing on contagious debut! Album Review: Every now and then you run across a new band whose debut is so strong that you want to remember the first time you heard them. First time, many of us heard The … Read more

Dead Wives: Buzzy Fuzzy [Album Review]

Dead Wives Buzzy Fuzzy ObscureMe Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Speedy Ortiz drummer steps out front with his own band, and the results are stellar! Album Review: I am not going to pretend I have the inside scoop on cool bands; for the most part I rely on word of mouth from friends or on … Read more

Kevin Drew: Darlings [Album Review]

Kevin Drew Darlings Arts & Crafts [2014] Fire Note Says: Drew explores the spiritual nature of sex on Darlings, his first solo album in seven years. Album Review: If I had to use two words to describe Darlings, the second solo album from Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, the first would be” lush”, and … Read more

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes To Love [Album Review]

Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love Captured Tracks [2014] Fire Note Says: Perfect Pussy live up to their name and hype! Album Review: If you are into vinyl then you know the feeling you get when the needle hits the first groove. You hear just a little bit of white noise before the special wax … Read more

The War On Drugs: Lost In The Dream [Album Review]

The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream Secretly Canadian Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Lost In The Dream is an instant classic. Album Review: Hailing from Philadelphia, The War on Drugs is the musical brainchild of Adam Granduciel, but also includes Dave Hartley and Robbie Bennett. The band had previously existed somewhat in the … Read more

Foster The People: Supermodel [Album Review]

Foster The People Supermodel Columbia Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Foster The People steer their kicks in a new direction. Album Review: Foster The People blew up in 2011 with their debut Torches and its infectious track “Pumped Up Kicks” but overnight success is an extremely hard act to follow. Place that pressure with the … Read more