New Bums: Voices In A Rented Room [Album Review]

New Bums Voices In A Rented Room Drag City Records [2014] Fire Note Says: You should be ecstatic over the beautifully well-crafted debut full-length album from New Bums. Album Review: New Bums are a two-man duo made up of Donovan Quinn (Sky Green Leopards) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance). Their debut full length … Read more

Graham Repulski: Ballerina Arcade EP [Album Review]

Graham Repulski Ballerina Arcade EP Shorter Recordings [2014] Fire Note Says: Short and to the point lo-fi goodness! Album Review: “We could smash guitars” is the first line you will hear off of the new EP from lo-fi New Jersey band Graham Repulski. The words are delivered in such an endearing way that you are … Read more

Lydia Loveless: Somewhere Else [Album Review]

Lydia Loveless Somewhere Else Bloodshot Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Loveless is a true original – raw, edgy and willing to rock! Album Review: You might say that country/punk rock, singer/songwriter Lydia Loveless wears her heart on her sleeves on the songs on this her third full-length album. And you might say that’s an understatement. … Read more

Guided By Voices: Motivational Jumpsuit [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Motivational Jumpsuit GBV Inc. [2014] Fire Note Says: GBV hit a home run with their strongest “classic lineup reunion” album yet! Album Review: When Guided By Voices re-formed in 2011, no one knew how long it would last or how any new albums would stack up with their previous work. But the … Read more