Lo Fine: Want Is A Great Need [Album Review]

Lo Fine Want Is A Great Need ASR [2013] Fire Note Says: Lo Fine’s third skillfully blends rock and folk with experimental elements. Album Review: Kevin O’Rourke and the revolving cast of Lo Fine have been making records for over a decade now, and while this is the first one this humble reviewer has had … Read more

White Fence: Live In San Francisco [Album Review]

White Fence Live In San Francisco Castle Face Records [2013] Fire Note Says: White Fence delivers a red hot live set on Live in San Francisco! Album Review: White Fence has had an incredible two year run. Last year saw the release of both volumes of the Family Perfume album, as well as an excellent … Read more

California X: California X [Album Review]

California X California X Don Giovanni Records [2013] Fire Note Says: California X’s debut brings a garage rock meets post punk sound that gets better with every spin. Album Review: California X makes their debut with this eponymous LP. The punk trio from Amherst, MA consists of Lemmy Gurtowsky (guitar and vocals), Dan Jones (bass), … Read more

Free Energy: Love Sign [Album Review]

Free Energy Love Sign Free People Records [2013] Fire Note Says: No rough edges here. Nor much of anything interesting. Album Review: You know how wedding receptions are. There are people there from age two to eightytwo. Something must be done about the music. Concessions must be made. But the bride and groom, they need … Read more

Holopaw: Academy Songs Volume 1 [Album Review]

Holopaw Academy Songs Volume 1 Misra Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Academy Songs Volume 1 is a record you are certain to keep coming back to. Album Review: Certain records make you keep coming back to them, even when at first you aren’t really sure why. They aren’t necessarily catchy at first, but there’s something … Read more

Half Hearted Hero: Whatever [Album Review]

Half Hearted Hero Whatever Animal Style Records [2013] Fire Note Says: This album is great. It has good melodies, vocals, and lyrics. I’ll give it another listen for sure. Album Review: The album Whatever is by the band Half Hearted Hero; a New Bedford, MA based band that specializes in… music. Actually, I’m not sure … Read more

Christopher Owens: Lysandre [Album Review]

Christopher Owens Lysandre Fat Possum Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Solo debut from ex Girls frontman is not what you are expecting! Album Review: It came as a shock to most indie fans when Christopher Owens announced last year that he was leaving Girls, after two critically acclaimed albums and another highly touted ep, for … Read more

Villagers: {Awayland} [Album Review]

Villagers {Awayland} Domino Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Villagers return with an expansive sophomore album that shows new strengths for the band. Album Review: Dublin’s Villagers is basically a one man show, as Conor J. O’Brien is the talent behind his folk moniker. Back in 2010 he released his debut, Becoming A Jackal, which came … Read more

Yo La Tengo: Fade [Album Review]

Yo La Tengo Fade Matador Records [2013] Fire Note Says: There won’t be many records this year that are better than the new Yo La Tengo! Album Review: There aren’t many bands out there that have been putting out records as consistently good as Yo La Tengo has, for as long as Yo La Tengo … Read more

Norwegian Arms: Wolf Like A Stray Dog [Album Review]

Norwegian Arms Wolf Like A Stray Dog Big School Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Wolf Like a Stray Dog is a diverse and impressive sonic soundscape! Album Review: I suppose if you have to label Norwegian Arms, you could call them Weirdo-Folk, Psych Folk, Freak Folk etc, but the more that I think about it, … Read more

Terra Terra Terra: The Space We Create [Album Review]

Terra Terra Terra The Space We Create Round Kid Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Terra Terra Terra creates a radio friendly rock album on their sophomore LP. Album Review: Terra Terra Terra is a three-piece band from Lakeland, FL. Members include Loren Taylor (vocals, guitar), Matthew Lowry (bass), and Micah Roth (drums). The Space We … Read more