Pissed Jeans: Half Divorced [Album Review]

Pissed JeansHalf DivorcedSub Pop Records [2024]   Album Overview: Half Divorced is the 6th LP from Pissed Jeans and the follow-up to 2017’s Why Love Now. In the description for the album, lead vocalist Matt Korvette says, “Pissed Jeans is truly like an art project for us, which is what makes it so fun.” This … Read more

Pissed Jeans: Shallow [Album Review]

Pissed Jeans Shallow Sub Pop Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Shallow shows where the wallow rock all started. Album Review: Sub Pop Records has had two important reissues this year with the releases of the Sleater Kinney box set Start Together and the pre-Shins band Flake Music’s When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return. … Read more

Pissed Jeans: Honeys [Album Review]

Pissed Jeans Honeys Sub Pop Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Honeys is a musical middle finger-and that happens to be a good thing. Album Review: Pissed Jeans from Allentown, Pennsylvania has been on a conquest for domination ever since they started with their debut Shallow released in 2005 on label Parts Unknown. Now, some years … Read more