Eyelids: A Colossal Waste Of Light [Album Review]

EyelidsA Colossal Waste Of LightJealous Butcher Records [2023] As they finish out their first decade as a band, Portland, Oregon’s Eyelids have covered a lot of ground. From the half-studio, half-live hybrid of 2018’s Maybe More, 2019’s EP with John Cameron Mitchell (Turning Time Around), and 2020’s collaboration with Tim Buckley lyricist Larry Beckett (The … Read more

Arthur Buck: Arthur Buck [Album Review]

Arthur Buck Arthur Buck New West Records [2018] Fire Note Says: Singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck create a particularly relevant and meaningful artistic effort. Album Review: According to the bio on the artist website, the collaboration of singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur and former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck has been organic and spontaneous from the … Read more

Peter Buck: Peter Buck [Album Review]

Peter Buck Peter Buck Mississippi-MRP Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Peter Buck goes solo (with help from some friends) and branches out in new yet familiar ways. Album Review: Peter Buck’s voice sounds like a belch being let out slowly through an old-time fire-stoker.  In spite of this I really enjoyed Peter Buck’s new solo … Read more