Pale Jay: Bewilderment [Album Review]

Pale JayBewildermentColemine/Karma Chief Records [2023] Who is Pale Jay? The artist, one of Karma Chief Records’ latest signings, is something of an enigma, although we do know a few things about him: he’s trained as a jazz vocalist and pianist, calls southern California home, and always wears a red ski mask and white bucket hat … Read more

Pale Jay – “Bewilderment” [Video]

Bewilderment – the feeling of being perplexed and confused – is the inspiration behind Pale Jay’s new album. It’s a soulful exploration of a family’s gradual disintegration due to years of avoidance and miscommunication. During this difficult time, Pale Jay began to question the stories he had always lived with and re-examined his identity. The … Read more