Long Lost: Save Yourself, Start Again [Album Review]

Long Lost Save Yourself, Start Again No Sleep Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Long Lost’s debut is a catchy collection with Save Yourself, Start Again. Album Review: Long Lost is the culmination of collaboration between Transit’s Joe Boynton and Vinny Comeau. The pair worked with Aviv Moritz (drums), Mat Morin (guitar), and Mike Moschetto (bass) … Read more

The Casket Lottery: Real Fear [Album Review]

The Casket Lottery Real Fear No Sleep Records [2012] Fire Note Says: The Casket Lottery reunite and produce some radio friendly post-hardcore tracks. Album Review: After The Casket Lottery’s last full length, Possiblies & Maybes (2003), the band took a bit of a hiatus. Members took off to focus on other musical projects, singer Nathan … Read more

Broadway Calls: Comfort/Distraction [Album Review]

Broadway Calls Comfort/Distraction No Sleep Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Broadway Calls are one of leaders in the current punk pop genre and Comfort/Distraction firmly holds their place at the top! Album Review: I remember back in the mid-90’s when punk pop was around every corner and soared on mainstream rock radio. It was simpler … Read more