Farewell Dear Ghost: We Colour The Night [Album Review]

Farewell Dear Ghost We Colour The Night Minty Fresh Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Farewell Dear Ghost provide plenty of melodic indie rock that sticks. Album Review: Let me tell you about this melodic new album from Austria’s Farewell Dear Ghost. It is a record that I have been sitting on since December but consistently … Read more

The Orange Peels: Sun Moon [Album Review]

The Orange Peels Sun Moon Minty Fresh Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Sun Moon will sneak up on you and set its hooks deep in you brain. Album Review: The Orange Peels are back with their 5th album, and no surprise, it is chock full of indie power pop goodness that is going to put … Read more

Fonda New Video for “She Is Real” – New Album Released This Week

Fonda’s Emily Cook and David Klotz have attempted to capture the engaging layers of a life that began starting a band that tumbled quickly into love and soon after marriage. Nearly 17 years later, Fonda are releasing a tribute to that unbroken journey wrapped in immortal images of Los Angeles. The band released the video … Read more

Fonda: Sell Your Memories [Album Review]

Fonda Sell Your Memories Minty Fresh Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Fonda pretend like they never left the scene with their excellent return Sell Your Memories! Album Review: The core members of Fonda, Emily Cook and David Klotz, emerged back on the indie scene two years ago with the Better Days EP which ended their … Read more