Mac McCaughan: The Sound Of Yourself [Album Review]

Mac McCaughanThe Sound Of YourselfMerge Records [2021] One of the perks of owning a record company would have to be that you get to make an album every now and then for your own pleasure, following your own muse without too much concern about marketing trends and commercial viability. Mac McCaughan, of the band Superchunk … Read more

Mac McCaughan: Non-Believers [Album Review]

Mac McCaughan Non-Believers Merge Records [2015] Fire Note Says: First solo record from Superchunk and Merge Records founder Mac McCaughan. Album Review: It is really hard to believe that 2015 brings us the first solo record from Mac McCaughan. As founder of Superchunk, Portastatic and Merge Records, Mac has always stayed extremely busy so there … Read more