The Feelies: Some Kinda Love: Performing The Music Of The Velvet Underground [Album Review]

The FeeliesSome Kinda Love: Performing The Music Of The Velvet UndergroundBar/None Records [2023] The general rule regarding influential artists is that popular success dictates the lasting impact of one’s work, although rare exceptions exist. While two of the most influential and innovative pop & rock bands of the 60s, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, … Read more

Lou Reed: Words & Music, May 1965 [Album Review]

Lou ReedWords & Music, May 1965Light In The Attic Records [2022] The standard rock critic cliché often attributed to Brian Eno—he of early Roxy Music fame who went on to collaborate/produce albums with Robert Fripp, David Bowie, and U2 among many others, and a respected creator of experimental/ambient music—states that “The first Velvet Underground album … Read more

The Fire Note Weekly Top 10: Lou Reed Songs That TFN Will Never Forget

So I couldn’t get all of my thoughts together on the passing of music pioneer Lou Reed last week so I thought it best to remember and capture his spirit by re-shaping The Fire Note Weekly Top 10. As always we try to steer new and old fans of music towards things we like and … Read more