Dawes: We’re All Gonna Die [Album Review]

Dawes We’re All Gonna Die HUB Records [2016] Who: Dawes is a four-piece band from Los Angeles, CA. Sound: Versatile rock that reminds you of 1970’s singer/songwriters and 1980’s pop rock. TFN Final Take: You’ve gotta respect Dawes for one thing: their insistence on sticking to their artistic vision no matter how out-of-style or anachronistic … Read more

Dawes: Stories Don’t End [Album Review]

Dawes Stories Don’t End HUB Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dawes’s third LP Stories Don’t End harkens back to classic rock staples. Album Review: Dawes’s third album Stories Don’t End sounded like it just came out of a time capsule. A time capsule buried in 1970’s-era Jackson Browne’s backyard. It’s eerie how much the feel … Read more