Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

Today AOW = post punk from Rouen, France’s Unschooling, a Casio SK1 and acoustic guitar from Chicago’s Love Of Everything and Ottawa’s fanclubwallet indie rock offers a solid debut EP that will have you looking for a full length. You know what to do – check the artists out below and if you like what … Read more

Unschooling – “Social Chameleon” [Video]

Unschooling is a four-piece band based in Rouen, France. Their music is full of complex guitar lines and weird song structures that are all stirred with poppier elements. They previously released a self-produced tape back in 2019 which was very well received in France and quickly put them on a list of artists to watch. … Read more

Cathedrale: Houses Are Built The Same [Album Review]

Cathedrale Houses Are Built The Same Howlin’ Banana Records [2020] Houses Are Built The Same is the third LP from the French post-punk group Cathedrale. Where I have found their previous releases slightly more gritty, Cathedrale have grown into a much tighter force on this album with clean edge guitars, focused vocals and a multitude … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: The Madcaps – “She’s So Hot”

With a continuous tour and 150 shows under their belts, The Madcaps have still found time to record and bring their third album, Slow Down, to the masses on March 31st via Howlin’ Banana Records. Today’s Friday Fire Track is the first slice from that album titled “She’s So Hot.” The song showcases the Rennes … Read more

Blondi’s Salvation: Wisdom Whisper [Album Review]

Blondi’s Salvation Wisdom Whisper Howlin’ Banana Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: You may not know much about the French music scene but they have quietly been churning out some great new music with the help of Howlin’ Banana Records. Psych-folk group Blondi’s Salvation’s sophomore album Wisdom Whisper, is the labels latest release and it … Read more

Wild Raccoon: Mount Break [Album Review]

Wild Raccoon Mount Break Howlin’ Banana Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: One-man garage pop from France?! Yes, you heard me right. From across the seas comes Wild Raccoon and his reverb filled mayhem of a record that aims to please. If you are a fan of early Ty Segall or King Khan, Mount Break … Read more