Maya Ongaku: Approach To Anima [Album Review]

Maya OngakuApproach To AnimaGuruguru Brain [2023] Maya Ongaku is a trio hailing from the seaside communities surrounding Enoshima, a small island located 50 km southwest of Tokyo, Japan. The group earned a bunch of early fans as they were an opener for label mate Kikagaku Moyo’s final tour. Approach To Anima is their debut album, … Read more

Various Artists (Kribo Records): Sounds Of Lecak Vol. 1 [Album Review]

Various Artists (Kribo Records)Sounds Of Lecak Vol. 1Guruguru Brain [2022] Even with the internet connecting us with people all over the world, it’s often easy to look past music scenes in other countries. Whether it’s because of a (perceived) language barrier, genre pigeonholing (“world” music), or just the sheer amount of music there is to … Read more

Kikagaku Moyo: Kumoyo Island [Album Review]

Kikagaku MoyoKumoyo IslandGuruguru Brain [2022] It is always better to go out on your own terms. So many times, things can implode and just leave a very unsatisfying “what if” scenario. How did your favorite musical artist call time on a career? Did a band member pass away? Did they break up? You just never … Read more

Kikagaku Moyo: Kumoyo Island (Orange Wax | 6000 Copies)

This should be one of your first Friday Bandcamp purchases today. Kumoyo Island is the fifth studio album and last (per the band) record released from Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo. This limited gatefold orange variant is only available at their Bandcamp page or their webstore (for a few dollars less w/o download). The album is available … Read more

Kikagaku Moyo – “Cardboard Pile” [Video]

Let the excitement build as “Cardboard Pile” is the first track from Kumoyo Island; the fifth studio album & said to be the last from Kikagaku Moyo. The full album will be released digitally on May 6th 2022, with vinyl available for pre-order. Reconvening at Tsubame Studios in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, where their earliest material had … Read more

Kikagaku Moyo: Mammtus Clouds EP (Burgundy & Cream Butterfly-Shaped Wax | 2000 Copies)

If you have recently become a Kikagaku Moyo fan then this reissue is for you. The Mammtus Clouds EP goes for some money on the second hand market so this repress from Guruguru Brain should be well received. This EP was originally released in a limited run of 100 cassettes in early 2014 and on … Read more

Khana Bierbood: Strangers From The Far East [Album Review]

Khana Bierbood Strangers From The Far East Guruguru Brain [2019] Who: Khana Bierbood (translated as Strange Brew in Thai), formed in 2012, in Bangsaen Beach, Thailand. After hours of jamming together they created their unique sound. Sound: Surf psychedelic rock that also includes lo-fi garage and fuzz. Not only for fans of label mates Kikagaku … Read more