Gorillaz: The Now Now [Album Review]

Gorillaz The Now Now Parlophone/Warner Bros. [2018] Fire Note Says: The follow-up to last year’s “Humanz,” finds Gorillaz leaning more on singer Damon Albarn (Blur) than the hip-hop collaborations that drove previous hits up the charts. Album Review: The Gorillaz concept – a virtual band with animated characters drawn by artist Jamie Hewlett with music … Read more

Gorillaz: Humanz [Album Review]

Gorillaz Humanz Parlophone/Warner Bros. [2017] Fire Note Says: Cartoon urban, dance/rap-core band, Gorillaz return with a mix-tape for the apocalypse. Album Review: Two cartoon bands come to mind: Gorillaz, and The Archies. Okay, The Monkees’ four characters were definitely conceived as cartoon-esque two-dimensional stick figures, but as time developed they grew as individualized, even humanized … Read more