Finn’s Motel: Fireworks Or Lightning [Album Review]

Finn’s Motel Fireworks Or LightningVictory Over Gravity [2021] One of the pleasures of advanced age is being around long enough to experience the development of a musician or artist over the course of their creative life. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was writing about music out and about in St. Louis … Read more

Finn’s Motel: Quinta Del Sordo [Album Review]

Finn’s Motel Quinta del Sordo Victory Over Gravity Records [2017] Fire Note Says: St. Louis power pop/rock quartet returns with a second album in a year, with the emphasis on solid songwriting and smart, catchy songs. Album Review: Finn’s Motel came out of hibernation last year, 12 years after their last full-length recording, with a … Read more

Finn’s Motel: Jupiter Rex [Album Review]

Finn’s Motel Jupiter Rex Victory Over Gravity Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Jupiter Rex. Thebeau has found his own voice, still connecting with those great early 80s influences, but not stuck there. Album Review: When you’ve been writing and recording music in relative obscurity for close to 30 years, as has Joe Thebeau, you reach … Read more