Archers Of Loaf: Reason In Decline [Album Review]

Archers Of LoafReason In DeclineMerge Records [2022] I know that I was not alone in my excitement when I heard that the original four members of Archers Of Loaf reunited and made a new album, Reason In Decline. It has been 24 years since this band released White Trash Heroes (1998), so I think the … Read more

Eric Bachmann: Eric Bachmann [Album Review]

Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Merge Records [2016] Fire Drill Album Review: A few chords into Eric Bachmann’s new record might make you think that your tracks are mislabeled because the Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers frontman is not brining you a solo dose of indie rock at all on his self-titled debut under his … Read more