The Club is Open Again! Guided By Voices – Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH 5/16/2014 [Concert Review]

I came WAY late to the GBV party: by the time I caught on to the band’s greatness, the reunited “classic lineup” had already released four albums, and it looked like that might be all we got from them. (I proceeded to procure a massive collection of all things GBV, Pollard, and his various side … Read more

Death Of Samantha: If Memory Serves Us Well [Album Review]

Death Of Samantha If Memory Serves Us Well St. Valentine Records [2014] Fire Note Says: If Memory Serves Us Well is a fierce reminder of why this band is so fondly remembered. Album Review: Death of Samantha are one of a handful of influential Cleveland bands that are more likely to have been heard of … Read more