Exclusive Album Stream: Company Of Selves – Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travelers

Did you see our video premiere Monday from Company Of Selves for “Presidential Model?” Well today, you can steam their debut record Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travelers at TFN before its release this Friday on Fleeting Youth Records. Company Of Selves is comprised of a crew of friends that have been playing around New York … Read more

Video Premiere: Company Of Selves – “Presidential Model”

After just featuring Fleeting Youth Records last week in our Indie Does It Best: Five Labels You Should Be Supporting and talking about their focus on indie, punk and garage genres, the label throws us a new one – escape rock from New York’s Company Of Selves.

The band’s debut record, Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travelers, is out this Friday and today TFN is premiering the video for “Presidential Model.” You only need to watch the video once to get a good feel of Company Of Selves – Their music (and video) is a mind bend! If you like that edge of rock, Company Of Selves is for you as “Presidential Model” pulses with an intensity that is about a woman beginning to awake from a world of mind-controlled imprisonment that is based on a book written by Brice Taylor. Deep stuff for a Monday I know but think of it as the perfect jolt to shake out the weekend cobwebs.

The band itself is comprised of a crew of friends that have been playing around New York for some time and is led by the multi-talented Christopher Hoffman. He currently plays in several other bands and also is a songwriter, composer, cellist, as well as working with such artists as Marianne Faithfull, Ryan Adams, Iron & Wine, Craig McDean and Michael Pitt.

The music and video today speaks for itself as I think the track is very Eels meets the apocalypse. You really can’t go wrong with that combo – so check it out and then head on over to Fleeting Youth and pre-order your copy today HERE!