Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows: Hail To The Underground [Album Review]

Jack Harlon & The Dead CrowsHail To The UndergroundBlues Funeral Recordings [2023] I will fully admit that I am a very hard sell on cover albums. I have always felt that this type of record, no matter who the artist, has novelty act qualities automatically built into its creation because you can go to any … Read more

Dead Meadow: Force Form Free [Album Review]

Dead MeadowForce Form FreeBlues Funeral Recordings [2022] Formed in the fall of 1998, Dead Meadow rose out of the Washington, D.C. indie/punk scene and have continued to evolve their sound through each record into the heavy modern psych you hear today. This psych path was highlighted on their Levitation Session album that was released in … Read more