Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

AOW is coming at you this week with some modern jam band vibes from New Jersey’s Garcia Peoples, the classic sounding beats from Mike Doughty’s new project with his Soul Coughing mate Andrew Livingston in Ghost Of Vroom and lastly a snarl and attitude out of Buffalo from Alpha Hopper. Enjoy these three artists below … Read more

Wax Machine: Earthsong Of Silence [Album Reveiw]

Wax Machine Earthsong Of SilenceBeyond Beyond Is Beyond Records [2020] Brighton’s Wax Machine comes at you with a full psychedelic sweep on their debut full length Earthsong Of Silence. The band offers a blend of jazz, folk, funk, tropicalia, and exploratory rock which is an accurate description as this record expands on the great singles and … Read more

Heaters: Holy Water Pool [Album Review]

Heaters Holy Water Pool Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: For me, the resurgence of psych rock has been spectacular and Michigan’s Heaters is another fine band to add to the growing quality list. Their new full length, Holy Water Pool, is drenched in reverb 60’s soul that meanders in the … Read more