The Babe Rainbow: Double Rainbow [Album Review]

The Babe Rainbow Double Rainbow 30th Century/Flightless Records [2018] Fire Note Says: Beach vibes and carefree lives highlight The Babe Rainbows second LP Album Review: When it comes to Australian music labels Flightless Records is really the one to watch. In fact their roster of musicians happens to be one of the best in psychedelic … Read more

Grandaddy: Last Place [Album Review]

Grandaddy Last Place 30th Century Records [2017] Fire Note Says: After a decade long hiatus, Grandaddy returns with Last Place, and it sounds like they never left. Album Review: Grandaddy main man, Jason Lytle, never really went away; he just parked his main car (Grandaddy) in the garage for the better part of a decade, … Read more