Vulture Whale: Vulture Whale [Album Review]

Vulture Whale
Vulture Whale
Skybucket Records [2009]

Vulture Whale are a tight little rock outfit from Birmingham, Alabama that will be releasing their sophomore self-titled record next week on Skybucket Records. You will notice right from the opening rocker “Teedy” that Vulture Whale sound like seasoned veterans. This cohesion spawns from all the members playing together in one form or another for several years plus the industry experience of singer/songwriter Wes McDonald (The Ohms) and guitarist Lester Nuby (Verbena) shines through. The quartet make no mistakes that this is a no frills straight forward rock record that has catchy melodies, in your face guitar and pounding drums that all combine for a good time and an incentive to come back for more. The record was mixed by Mark Rains (The Shys, Waylon Jennings) and it keeps the pedal pushed down hard as the lyrics just roll off McDonald’s tongue as he sways and swaggers in “Sugar” plus conducts his business calmly over a triggering guitar lick in the semi ballad “What Do”, which showcases that the band is more than one dimensional. If you are looking for a new group that may be slightly off the radar but bring that quality live bar band sound to record then Vulture Whale will fit nicely into your collection!

Key Tracks: “Sugar” / “Tote It To Cleveland, AL” / “Head Turner”

Artists With Similar Fire: The Replacements / The Hold Steady / The Revisionists

Vulture Whale Website
Skybucket Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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