A Shoreline Dream: Recollections Of Memory [Album Review]

A Shoreline Dream
Recollections Of Memory
Latenight Weeknight Records [2009]

Denver’s beloved shoegazers, A Shoreline Dream make a soundscaping return on their sophomore full length that is full of satisfying and concise numbers that rush you with their wall of sound only to find out they pass over you like a gentle wave. I know that first sentence is plenty loaded with adjectives to describe Recollections Of Memory but after just taking it for one spin you will be searching for words too. Since the groups solid debut Avoiding The Consequences [2006], the band picked up a fan in fellow art rocker Ulrich Schnauss whom not only collaborates on several tracks here but produced the record while also bringing in Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low) to mix. This combo adds to the mystique and quality of Recollections Of Memory plus pushes the band to their extremes when it comes to catchy muted harmonies and several spiraling instrumentals. What puts A Shoreline Dream into a different class is their ability to push the limits within the confines of a four minute track because many bands in this genre encapsulate their vibe into long seven or eight minutes. These shortened tracks will keep the newbies to shoegaze interested while the talent and music landscapes A Shoreline Dream create will lock in longtime fans of the genre for a new generation headphone record!

Key Tracks: “Hypermode” / “NeverChanger” / “Seattle”

Artists With Similar Fire: My Bloody Valentine / Lab Partners / Ride

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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