The Maravines: The Maravines [Album Review]

maravines The Maravines
The Maravines
Mint 400 Records [2014]

Fire Note Says: The New Jersey duo The Maravines are strong out of the gates with their debut release but are heading into a traffic jam on The George Washington Bridge.

Album Review: The Maravines are a two –piece, Union City, New Jersey, duo made up of guitarist/vocalist Chris Lee and drummer Evan Pope. Rest assured that our fact checkers have cleared them of any involvement of the recent Mayor Christie bridge scandal! They are however guilty of releasing a very solid ten track self-titled debut album via Mint 400 Records on February 25th. Unfortunately for you vinyl hounds this release is digital only.

The opening track “The Smiths” has very little to nothing to do with Morrissey or Johnny Marr but nonetheless is the best track on the album. I can image this song being on Death Cab For Cuties album We Have The Facts And We Are Voting Yes. The second track “Low Flying Planes” is a beautiful nugget that I am sure would have The Wright Brothers smiling in their graves. I hear the influence of Neutral Milk Hotel and even The Shins throughout the record but they are most prominent on this track. The third song, “City,” is an Elliot Smith like composition that showcases some nice dual background vocal harmonies from Lee and Pope.

For the most part, this album is cohesive and flows nicely. The exception is the last track entitled “I Say Go” which felt like it was written by a different band or at least thought of in a different time period. While mostly mid-tempo, the jangly guitars and easy on the ears vocals from The Maravines will brighten even the darkest day.

Key Tracks: “The Smiths”, “Low Flying Planes”, “City”

Artists With Similar Fire: Land Of Talk / Neutral Milk Hotel / The Shins

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-Reviewed by Joe Eversole

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