(Sandy) Alex G: House Of Sugar [Album Review]

(Sandy) Alex G
House Of Sugar
Domino [2019]


TFN Album Review: It is hard to believe that Alex Giannascoli, aka (Sandy) Alex G, has now released three albums on Domino Records with House of Sugar. The record represents his ninth album overall, which for some artists could be their entire catalog, but at age 26 it still seems like Alex G is only getting started.

House of Sugar continues right where his excellent Headphone Approved Rocket (2017) left off and gives you more of his catchy Elliott Smith like vocals, intriguing arrangements and some out there experimental mixings which have always given Alex G his niche. That is what I really like about House of Sugar is that it definitely shows a more mature Giannascoli but he has not moved away from the pieces that have made his music stand out.

House of Sugar takes multiple spins to connect because it does have some moments that need absorbed and dissected like the blaring synths on “Sugar” or the new age beats on “Project 2” that would fit nicely with a track from the newest Thom Yorke record. But they do tie together with tracks that pull you into the warmth of his music like the slower “In My Arms” which lets the vocals do all the work. Or the strolling and layered “Southern Sky” that is out of the classic Alex G playbook that will have you hitting repeat.

This is an album that easily gets better as time goes by and will be in my list for one of the best albums of the year. (Sandy) Alex G is getting stronger in every way on House of Sugar and I know we will be talking about him in the years to come which is exciting for everyone because his best still might be on the horizon!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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