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Have time for three new artists to check out?! Alright – Today we feature some modern softer rock out of New Jersey, killer psych space instrumentals from Tokyo and classic 70’s power pop coming to you from Kansas City! Don’t forget – Discover, Support & Share!

Piscataway Township, New Jersey

I don’t know about you but TFN loves to find new singer/songwriters like Jersey’s NovaBound which has just released its first full length Sevenths. NovaBound is the music project of Andrew Michael Agulto and what you will hear on Sevenths are well played tracks that dabble in classic rock guitar lines with warm surrounding 70’s vocals. The group ties everything together with some modern moving organ that manages the foot tapping tempo jams of these songs as four of the seven tracks cross the six-minute mark. You can place NovaBound into a category with current groups like Whitney, Turnover and Real Estate but don’t be surprised when you hear the Beatles influence as well.

NovaBound Bandcamp

Tokyo, Japan

The Netherlands Guruguru Brain label has been releasing some killer psych rock from Tokyo with groups like Kikagaku Moyo and SUNDAYS & CYBELE. Now you can add Dhidalah to the list of new releases as this space rock power trio that is inspired by various genres from stoner, doom and kraut rock is releasing their first full length record of instrumental monsters. The band name derives from the Japanese legend of the Giant Gods — known as the creators of mountains, lakes and islands. After hearing these tunes you will agree the description fits!

Dhidalah Bandcamp

The Whiffs
Kansas City, Missouri

How about some solid power pop from the Midwest? Well Kansas City’s The Whiffs bring it on their new long player Another Whiff. The album is out December 6th on DIG! Records and the group hits you with a classic Replacements meets Big Star vibe. The Whiffs have that perfect unpolished sound that reminds me of the gritty 70’s rock of a Dwight Twilley Band or early 80’s The dB’s, so it does not take many spins of their songs to hook you. The band is currently wrapping up some dates opening up for The Get Up Kids so make sure you check them out if you have the chance!

The Whiffs Bandcamp

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