Omni: Deluxe [Album Review]

TIM111-OMNI-Deluxe_1600x1600 Omni
Trouble In Mind Records [2016]

Fire Drill Album Review: Atlanta’s Omni play a low-fi indie rock that has the similar post-punk vein of Parquet Courts but with a bit more laid back mood like Spoon. The band is comprised of guitarist Frankie Broyles (ex-Deerhunter, Balkans), bassist/vocalist Philip Frobos (ex-Carnivores) and drummer Billy Mitchell (ex-Carnivores), which is a strong resume that will make many indie heads like myself jump right in. Omni stay the vocals, guitar, drums and bass course throughout but shake it up with undertone hooks and running riffs that have a cool groove within the tracks. What makes this record so interesting is that Omni make it sound so easy. There is no fire here, there is no last breath, and there are no exploding moments but despite a description that reads like a trip to the library, Omni make up for it with little treasures like the surprising tempo change near the end of “Siam” and the angular 80’s jig that rolls through “Wire.” At first take, Omni might not hit your radar but let Deluxe sink in and I bet you just might be sharing this one with your friends.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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