Graham Repulski: I’m Even Younger Now [Album Review]

Graham Repulski
I’m Even Younger Now
Shorter Recordings [2017]


Who: Graham Repulski is a prolific lo-fi songwriter based in Philadelphia that has a plethora of releases which are full of catchy melodies and one minute master pieces.

Sound: Lo-fi auteur Graham Repulski follows up 2016’s triple album release with a concise slab of psychedelic noise rock. The results are as jarring as they are accessible.

TFN Final Take: Graham Repulski’s newest album, I’m Even Younger Now is a delightful showcase of noise experimentation mixed with lo-fi aesthetics. Add in a knack for creating catchy and haunting melodies that conjure memories of Guided by Voices very lo-fi years and you have a winning combination. There are moments where you would swear that you were listening to Robert Pollard taping a session in his basement (“Typhoon Reform” and “Mind”). “Bob for Uncles” is just one of the stellar tracks that will bore their way into your brain. Is it a reference to Uncle Bob? I hope so. That is what I thought when I heard it on the Bird School EP a few years ago and this newer version improves on an already fun track. If you are not familiar with Graham Repulski, this album is as good as place to start as any. $6.00 gets you a cassette with unique art and a digital download. Well worth the price of admission. Jump in, it is a fun, lo-fi ride.

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– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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