Premiere Fire Track: The Raging Nathans – “Psychophant”

The Raging Nathans are a punk rock band from Dayton, Ohio that started in 2009. They released their excellent fourth LP, Waste My Heart, back in June on Rad Girlfriend Records. The band has quickly returned with two bonus tracks from the Waste My Heart sessions and will be releasing them on a new 7″ titled Bring Me The Head of Betsy Devos. The b-side to the release is todays premiere track “Psychophant” which is just an excellent slice of classic punk rock!

Here is what the band had to say about the single:
“Psychophant was a song that was written over a long period of time. There were always parts and lyrics that were floating around for this song but we finally sat down and arranged everything and completed it. Its a pretty complicated song, there are lots of parts which is different for us. It’s politically motivated and lyrics reflect our feelings about the last few years. These rich politicians don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own agendas and the frustration with that is reflected in the tune. It’s a longer song and because of that it was cut from the “Waste My Heart” LP.”

The tracks see release digitally today on all platforms via Rad Girlfriend Records/Iron Fest Records. It’s also Bandcamp Friday today so it would be a perfect time to put your order in!

The Raging Nathans Bandcamp
Rad Girlfriend Bandcamp
Iron Fest Records

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