Premiere Fire Track: Semihelix – “Will It Take”

TFN is excited today to premiere the third and final single from Semihelix’s forthcoming LP Recoil. The Austin, Texas based dreampop trio is Geannie Friedman (guitar and vocals), Kevin Martin (bass), and Valdemar Barrera (drums). This track highlights another side of the band with its upbeat foot tapping beat that still maintains a floating quality as Friedman’s vocals stay right above the hum. If you are a fan of La Luz, Dum Dum Girls and Frankie Rose – Semihelix will be in your wheelhouse.

Recoil was produced and mixed by Matt Gerhard (Spoon, Future Islands, !!!) at The Hen House in Austin, and mastered by Max Lorenzen (Shearwater, A.Sinclar, Spoon). The record will be released on October 1st via Mariel Recording Company (Erik Kang from Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos label).

Quote on “Will It Take” from Geannie:
“This song is about overcoming hard times. Even when things seem hopeless, they do get better in time. As an optimist, I wrote this song when feeling a lot of depression, and people close were also going through rough times. I wanted to speak about bouncing back, and also taking the time to heal while in the process of resiliency. Even when moving forwards, things have the tendency to knock us down. It is important to get back up, and continuing to move forward. It’s especially important that when we get back up, we take our close friends with us. When they succeed, I succeed, We all grow together. No going backwards, only forwards. When it comes to depression, I have had episodes of deep depression, and have to pull myself back up again and again. “What will it take to make you happy again?” is a note to self, what will it take? It’s a work in progress.”

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