Guided By Voices reveal artwork for new album – Feb 2014

In a recent interview with Magnet, Robert Pollard indicated that there might not be any new Guided By Voices material coming anytime soon. The GBV nation sighed all at once.

Surprise – fans will rejoice everywhere as a new record, Motivational Jumpsuit, has been announced for release late February 2014. You can check out the album artwork above – we especially like the inclusion of the Tigerbomb artwork from their EP released back in 1995! There is no pre-order information yet.

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1 thought on “Guided By Voices reveal artwork for new album – Feb 2014”

  1. Thank God. Don’t scare us like that. Pollard’s post-reunion output has been stellar:

    Let’s Go Eat The Factory 8.5/10
    Jack Sells The Cow 8/10
    Class Clown Spots A UFO 8.5/10
    Mouseman Cloud 7.5/10
    The Bears For Lunch 9.5/10
    Honey Locust Honky Tonk 9.5/10

    Not too shabby.

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