Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 16 (October 2014)

bandcamp 16
October is almost gone which means that it is time for The Fire Note’s monthly Bandcamp feature! Here are 10 artists that should be on your trick-or-treat playlists. In this edition you will find upbeat sad songs from New York, a calm and cool release from Los Angeles, psychedelic neo soul from Canada and a little indie pop from Portland. Also don’t forget to Discover, Support & Share!

roomrunner Roomrunner
Baltimore, Maryland

Roomrunner’s new 6-track EP, Separate, continues the band’s streak of essential post hardcore rock. This is their first release since 2013’s incredible Ideal Cities and it does not disappoint. They have refined their sound a bit and are evolving into a highly entertaining heavy act. Their first two EPs were raw hardcore noise. Ideal Cities showed significant growth for the band. Separate continues that growth as fans of Meantime/Betty-era Helmet will enjoy this brand of precise and heavy rock noise rock.

Roomrunner Bandcamp

hunters Hunters
New York, New York

It has been year since New York based Hunters released their amazing self-titled debut LP. Hunters throw us fans a bone with Drown a 3 track release of demos. It is free, but I would have gladly paid money for this. Hunters brand of heavy indie rock falls somewhere between Black Sabbath, Sonic Youth and the Swirlies. I had their last LP high on my end of year favorites for 2013 and if these tracks are a teaser for their next LP, it is going to be another slab of muscular indie rock. Don’t miss out on this up and coming band.

Hunters Bandcamp

alex g Alex G
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The bedroom pop, dorm room recorded band from Philadelphia, Alex G released an album under the DIY label, Orchid Tapes in June 2014, DSU. This was their first album that was properly mastered and was pressed on vinyl. The melodic pop album includes a range of songs, from the lo-fi experimental tracks such as “rejoyce” and “icehead” to the tracks that include piano, “boy” and “tripper.” Alex G is a great live band as well, and are touring until December, it isn’t a show to miss!

Alex G Bandcamp

frankie cosmos Frankie Cosmos
New York, New York

Greta Kline of Porches released a new album under her other project Frankie Cosmos. The indie pop band from New York released their first full album Zentropy in March 2014, and has released several more since. The album includes rather sad lyrics with upbeat, catchy tunes. Kline tells stories of the stresses of art school, love, childhood, and the death of a pet in only 17 minutes.

Frankie Cosmos Bandcamp

happy diving Happy Diving
San Francisco, California

When you start hearing comparisons to Japandroids, Cloud Nothings, and Tony Molina you quickly grab my attention. Happy Diving have that overall vibe on their debut album Big World that hits streets next week. The album was produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr) and I can tell you from previewing the tracks Big World comes at you with plenty of guitar strength that will have you wanting more.

Happy Diving Bandcamp

springtime carnivore Springtime Carnivore
Los Angeles, California

Sometimes music has the ability to swing your mood in an instant. Besides having a catchy name, Springtime Carnivore have that mood altering style with siren Greta Morgan (Hush Sound, Gold Motel) showing off her pipes in these timeless sounding tunes. Springtime Carnivore’s self-titled debut releases next week and it seems like the perfect record to just kick back, listen and watch the falling leaves hit the ground.

Springtime Carnivore Bandcamp

memories The Memories
Portland, Oregon

Sonny Smith from Sonny & The Sunsets produced The Memories forthcoming LP which should give you a hint of their indie pop style. Their output on Bandcamp highlights their very simple song structures that have this laid back California vibe that totally works for me. Bands that I can just press play sometimes is completely appealing and The Memories fill the order.

The Memories Bandcamp

cursed-arrows Cursed Arrows
Ontario, Canada

One man, Ryan Stanley and one woman, Jack-E Stanley joined together to take on multiple genres. There latest outing Couvre Project is exactly what you would think it is, covers. But, what makes it interesting is the mix of Rock ‘n Roll, Rockabilly, Blues, Psychedelic, and blues that inhabit their cover songs. If that catches your ear then do yourself a favor and check out their last full length Sonic Union.

Cursed Arrows Bandcamp

tresspassers Trespassers
Syracuse, New York

Emotional rock from the ‘Cuse comes at you courtesy of the Trespassers. It is easy to dismiss a band like this with the masses but this EP is melodic, emotional and heavy. If this description of rock is your thing – Trespassers should be checked out and on your radar for new music.

Trespassers Bandcamp

mother-upduff Mother Upduff
Vancouver, Canada

WIth a heavy, bluesy, soulful goodness Mother Upduff combines the best of The Black Keys with the power of Charles Bradley. I could even see these guys opening up for St. Paul and The Broken Bones. Their noisy psychedelic neo soul trimming make for something original that get me excited for a proper full length. More bands need to embrace their soul power, Mother Upduff just so happens to be a great example.

Mother Upduff Bandcamp

-Feature by Daniel Taylor, Christopher Tahy, Sophie Gross and Christopher Anthony

Fire Note Staff

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