Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 24

Let’s finish off July with 10 new artists you should check out. The July Bandcamp edition, features some shoegaze from Hong Kong, GBV vibes from Indiana, sweet meets smooth from LA, garage rock from Ohio, scuzz from Chicago, and some looping guitar lines from Jersey. As always – Discover, Support & Share!

perturbator Perturbator
Paris, France

As an indie website we hardly feature any dance/electronic music. Paris’ Perturbator has been around for sometime but, his EP Nocturnal City is actually free right now. Providing some songs for video game Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2- think Drive movie the videogame, Nocturnal City is actually a beat driven concept album that takes a neo-noir world where anything can happen. It’s dark, futurism at it dandiest. As I’ve said, it’s also free-give it a listen.

Perturbator Bandcamp

california-red The California Red
Dayton, Ohio

Believe it or not, this down and dirty garage quintet just so happened to wander in my path. Justin Goodner- (Lead Guitar and vocals) Ryan Lane (Drum and vocals) Jonathan Baldwin (Saxophone and vocals) Rich M. Dabbs (Bass and vocals) make up The California Red. Just releasing their first EP in June, it takes a lo-fi garage sound and blows the bottom out with intense heavy rock stylings. If Black Sabbath had a bunch of mud caked on their tires The California Red shows up what that might sound like.

The California Red Bandcamp

thud Thud
Hong Kong, China

One of the better new shoegaze acts I’ve heard in a long time, Hong Kong’s Thud has its formula down. Waving its dream pop/shoegaze banner Thud takes it influences from Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, A Shoreline Dream, Ride, and Curve. Thud is a big, hazy, ghostly blanket that’s easy to cuddle up in. Let the waves wash over and relax your ears.

Thud Bandcamp

coaster Coaster
Chicago, Illinois

Oxidized vocals, laid back song structure, a good amount of scuzz on the mix. Chicago’s Coaster has a lot going for them, not that they’re letting that get in the way. Slow Jams is a dependable set of scenester bangers and Up Records rewrites. “Make the statement of your life / Pan it out and let it dry.” Friend, I hear what you’re saying.

Coaster Bandcamp

stolen-jars Stolen Jars
Montclair, New Jersey

Sometimes a band can be just quirky enough to grab your attention and that description fits Stolen Jars. With looping intricate guitar lines and floating melodies Stolen Jars fall into the Deerhoof and tUnE-yArDs style territory with just a more reserve on their explosiveness. This small intensity within their music makes them stand out as their sophomore album Kept is due out August 28.

Stolen Jars Bandcamp

mythical-moters Mythical Motors
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mythical Motors are a nice find for July’s Bandcamp feature. They remind me of Robert Pollard’s more psych and prog-rock moments as Circus Devils laced with some acid from the 60’s. Not hippy, just a little looser. Their softer moments even harken to Tobin Sprout. Fans of Guided by Voices and associated side projects should pick this up. After one quick listen, I was intrigued. On repeat listens, this LP bears a lot of catchy fruit. Nice power pop moments and songs loaded with lyrical and guitar hooks.

Mythical Motors Bandcamp

pearl-charles Pearl Charles
Los Angeles, California

At the young age of 23, Pearl Charles already has deep roots in the Los Angeles music community and has opened up for acts such as Father John Misty, Matt Costa, Thee Oh Sees, Kim Deal, and The Growlers. That is a solid resume for an upstart but after hearing Pearl Charles debut self-titled EP you will know why. Her sweet meets smooth meets edgy approach is the perfect description as each track sounds bigger than her Bandcamp page. Catch Pearl Charles out now as I only see her exposure going up!

Pearl Charles Bandcamp

jd-senu-ti JD senuTi
Portland, Oregon

Devo’s dweebed-out take on the Stones’ “Satisfaction” can be trite or revelatory depending on what mood you’re in. JD sensuTi’s “All the Pretty Ladies” isn’t a nod to any song in particular that I can tell, but its stilted take on unsubtle R&B feels just as on point or entirely off the mark, sometimes in the same listen. These are the kinds of pranks vaporwave was designed to play. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a strong sense of pacing and maybe even a bit of genuine sublimity.

JD senuTi Bandcamp

flesh-world Flesh World
San Francisco, California

What does not stand about Flesh World is what really sucked me into their music. The vocals and the hum of their fuzzy post punk blend together for a hypnotic conclusion. Their sound is retro but modern and Flesh World have this “I don’t care what you think” vibe to their music which is appealing. You also may know lead singer, Jess Scott as she was in Brilliant Colors which had several records out on Slumberland. It is time to catch up.

Flesh World Bandcamp

honey-radar Honey Radar
Richmond, Indiana

Wonderful lo-fi stuff from Honey Radar. Intimate and a bit sloppy, just the way I like it. Sounds like GBV covering the Byrds or an Elephant 6 band. Sunshine and happiness dappled with lo-fi aesthetics. Nice hooks and a smooth delivery washed over with tape hiss and earnest production values. I love this. GBV Propeller and Vampire on Titus fans really need to hear this.

Honey Radar Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Daniel Taylor, Christopher Tahy and Neil Barbour

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