Album Stream Premiere: Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers – The Midnight Wishers

Curtis Godino is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Brooklyn and he is the founder of the experimental psychedelic band Worthless and collaborator of Fog Window, a musical group consisting of Gary Panter, Ross Goldestein, Devin Flynn, and Lily Rogers. Godino says that he was always a fan of girl groups and old generic love songs which is why he decided to try and make some of his own tunes in this style with the help of his friends.

That brings us to today’s album premiere and stream of The Midnight Wishers. The album was written, recorded, and produced by Curtis Godino in his bedroom while the voices on the album belong to Jin Lee, Racheal Herman, and Jessica McFarland. The Midnight Wishers maintain a 60’s psychedelic swagger that is packed with catchy experimentation. Nothing is out of reach with the record’s inclusion of fuzzy guitars, Farfisa organ, mellotron, analog synthesizers, glockenspiel, mystery electronic effects and plenty of percussion. The swirl of female harmonies is the glue that holds it together as it moves like a modern La Luz but still takes you back to the hey day of The Shangri-Las. Godino connects these eras perfectly as The Midnight Wishers becomes more addicting with each play.

You can listen to the full album below today and Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers self-titled LP is due tomorrow February 11 via Shimmy-Disc.

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