Various 4-Way Split: Red, White & Blue Double 7-inch

Various 4-Way Split
Red, White & Blue
Pirate Press Records [2012]

Here is a unique punk offering from Pirate Press Records that pits the US vs. UK in the 4-way split Red, White & Blue – Which One Are You? Representing the US on the “Stars” 7-inch are Bay Area bands Harrington Saints and The Old Firm Casuals. You might already know The Old Firm Casuals as it has Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen on guitar and vocals. The UK “Stripes” 7-inch brings 20 year veterans Argy Bargy and the newer Booze And Glory to your speakers straight from London.

The music here is just what you might expect as each band offers up a tight soaring anthem type of punk with grit and meaning. Both the Harrington Saints and The Old Firm Casuals bring a little faster style here while both Argy Bargy and Booze And Glory feel more traditional. Regardless of which continent you lean towards here all four tracks are great if you are into hearing more traditional punk rock. It will also make you realize the scene is still much alive and well.

The packaging here is spectacular as the heavy double gatefold is well styled including the inside that gives info on all four bands with pictures. The wax comes in all different variants but I still think the best variant is pictured here with the Stars and Stripes being one of the more unique 7-inches you will see.

Harrington Saints
The Old Firm Casuals
Argy Bargy
Booze And Glory
Pirate Press Records

1st Pressing:
100 pcs RED VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs WHITE VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs BLUE VINYL (Sold Out)
200 pcs STARS & STRIPES VINYL (Sold Out)
400 pcs BLACK VINYL (Sold Out)

2nd Pressing:
500 pcs. BEER VINYL
500 pcs. ULTRA CLEAR With Red, White, Blue & Gold Splatter VINYL

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