Kishi Bashi: Holiday SnowFlexi [7-Inch Feature]

Kishi Bashi
Holiday SnowFlexi 7”
Joyful Noise Recordings [2012]

‘Tis the season for a “snowflexi” from Kishi Bashi just in time for the holidays. This original song “It’s Christmas But It’s Not White Here In Our Town” features Bashi using the same whimsical vocal style that made his debut, 151a, so engaging. It may not become a Christmas standard but for every hipster out there always looking for something new and cool for the holiday playlist; Bashi gives you just that in his simple under 2 minute warm track.

This flexi single was also a bit special as Joyful Noise featured a “Pay What You Want” model and all proceeds benefited Ear Candy Music Charity. Ear Candy will use the funds to supply underfunded music education programs with refurbished musical instruments.

The packaging as you can see is unique as the white flexi is in the shape of a snowflake and limited to 1000 copies. Not only was this snowflexi sold for a good cause it is a nice collector’s piece that is sure to always make us record geeks truly happy at Christmas!

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-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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