Benjamin Gibbard: Bandwagonesque [Album Review]

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Benjamin Gibbard
Turntable Kitchen [2017]

If you could only bring along one indie power pop record from the nineties to a desert island there is a good chance a good number of people would pick Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque (1991). Now, take that record and let a guy like Death Cab For Cutie’s Benjamin Gibbard sing it from front to back.

That is exactly what Turntable Kitchen did with their new Sounds Delicious vinyl series and the results are fantastic. Gibbard takes a very straightforward approach to this cover album so there are tons of guitars and melodies. He does add several minutes to the opener “The Concept” and changes the fuzzed up over 2-minute “Pet Rock” into a 47 second Beach Boys goes to church moment. What I like here is that Gibbard felt no need to drastically change a great record because this is exactly how he would want to hear it played and his version is solid.

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-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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