Track Premiere: Robot Princess – “Violent Shooting Stars”

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track premiere robot princess
I always like an honest approach to music and that is exactly what you get today on our track premiere from Brooklyn’s Robot Princess. The band plays an indie style of rock that thrives on its intricate laid back wordplay and guitar runs comparable to Pavement while Beau Alessi and Catherine Anderson possess the back n forth vocal chemistry of a more serious sounding Moldy Peaches.

Instantly the innocent duel male/female vocals will pull you into this story about finding out who your real friends are – especially when you are escaping from monsters coming out of the woods! When it seems that all hell is breaking loose the two main characters take a moment on the mountain together and you hear “we looked up at the night sky – violent shooting stars / you were quiet, when I asked what you think we should do / you know me…I know you.” It is a moment that showcases when you have that certain bond with someone you don’t need to speak to know they have your back!

The band actually recorded their debut album, Teen Vogue, a couple of years ago but never fully released it to the public. Now Robot Princess has a follow up EP with Action Moves and decided to bring both records together. Teen Vogue LP + Action Moves EP is due out March 24th on Fleeting Youth Records and you can snag a digital or cassette copy HERE.

Robot Princess Website
Robot Princess Facebook
Fleeting Youth Records

-feature by Christopher Anthony

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