Guided By Voices: Trash Can Full Of Nails [7-Inch Feature] / Stream B-Side “Build A Bigger Iceberg”

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IMG_1783 Guided By Voices
Trash Can Full Of Nails 7”
Guided By Voices Inc. [2013]

“Trash Can Full Of Nails” is the third single from Guided By Voices forthcoming full length English Little League which is due out on April 30th. This 7-inch A-side features the Pollard driven track “Trash Can Full Of Nails” which is a song that highlights why I have always been a GBV fan. Interesting drum tempo, interesting wordplay lyrics and an irresistible title that sticks in your head with each play. Plus – when Pollard emphasizes the line “and realize your trash can is on your head” – it makes me utter the word “genius” under my breath each time I hear it.

The B-side offers the GBV fan base a Tobin Sprout song titled “Build A Bigger Iceberg” (which you can hear exclusively below) that has a familiar tone to its nicely paced tempo. It is another track from Sprout that just feels right to launch some Spring weather as he ends the last minute of the song with the repetitive line “I believe the world keeps turning round” which becomes impossible to not sing along.

The jacket on this 7-inch is somewhat interesting because it has a heavier duty cardboard feel to it compared to the other singles. The 45 is standard black, the label is the standard GBV Inc. imprint, the single includes a free digital download and the pressing is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Unfortunately Rockathon is sold out of these but Midheaven Mailorder would be the place to stop or hit up your local indie record store if you would like a copy.

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Upcoming GBV Single Info:

April 2nd – Guided By Voices: Xeno Pariah 7″ (Rips your heart out & puts it back a little sadder & wiser. B-side “Little Jimmy the Giant,” is a reprise of one of the oldest GBV songs.) GBVi-32

April 16th – Guided By Voices: Noble Insect 7″ (Flip side features Sprout piano-based shard “Waves of Gray” & Pollard snippet “See You Soon.”) GBVi-33

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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