Roommates: Winnifred [7-Inch Feature]

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IMG_1641 Roommates
Winnifred 7″
Slumberland Records [2012]

Ben Cook Aka Young Guv (Fucked Up, Marvelous Darlings, The Bitters) and Marvelous Mark Fosco (Marvelous Darlings) lived together as roommates for 4 years. This 7-inch compiles the groups previous available cassette releases and presents their stylish dirty power-pop to a bigger audience.

These songs fall right in line with Ty Segall and Jay Reatard territory as the A-side features “Back To The Sun” and “Girlfriend Swap” which both have the indie lo-fi sound with pounding drums, a little punk undertone and slight feedback. The vocals hover right above the fuzz which strikes an instant chord with my ear. Good songwriting, stand out guitar and just enough distortion to give this release a high swagger. The B-side continues the trend although “Kelly, I’m Not A Creep” slows things down a bit and creates a summer song that has the stroll of the Beach Boys if they were a new band on the scene today with some distortion. “1st Floor Blues” closes Winnifred in strong fashion with more of the same and once again makes you want a Roommates full length.

The jacket here is a standard art filled sturdy cardboard as the 45 rpm wax is a blue/purple sunburst color. The color version is sold out but this 7-inch is so good that it should not matter as the black version is worth picking up!

Slumberland Records

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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